Homestay Rules

Please observe the following regulations
入房时间:下午3点 (提前入房有额外收费)
退房时间:下午12点 (延迟退房有额外收费)
Check-in time :3 pm (Early check-in will be charged) 
Check-out time :12pm (Late check-out wil be charged)
*Deposit wil be charged in advance RM500 ,the deposit will be returned one day after check-out.
*Please pav the full amount before your check-in.
*Guests can use the kitchen ware please clean up after using waste disposal in the trash.
*Smoking is not allowed in the house. 
Please switch off all the air con/light whenever you leave the house and we encourage all guests to switch ofelectrical appliances when u leave check out  or not use.
*Keeping noise level down after 11.30pm. 
*Please inspect the house befcre check out,the owner wi l not be held responsible for missing items 
*Prohibit activities are prohibited, and it is found that deposits for prohibit activities cannot be returned. 
extra fees
*Please keep the property tidy and clean. If the property is too dirty, we will charged cleaning fees RM150. 
*Damage to any device. 
*lost or Damaged remote control for auto gate house keys will be charge RM100 .
*The owners reserves the right to amend the above reguiations without prior notice.

No lifeguards on duty, swim at your own risk
*All children under age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
*No diving in the swimming pool area.
*No spitting in pool area.
*No spitting ,smoking and peeing in the the pool area。
*Taking pets are not permitted.
*Person having a communicable disease,skin discase or open wounds and cut may not use pool.
*no littering is allowed in the swimming pool.
*Do not move life-saving facilities at will.
*All persons using the pools do at their own risk and sole responsibility ,Owners not responsibility or liability for accidents ,injuries ,death or loss associated with the use of pool and pool areas.
*The owner reserves the right to amend the above regulation without prior notice. 
+6010-828 5000
+6010-828 5000
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